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The goal of Phoenix is to become your business partner. To accomplish this we are focused on two things, Results and Flexibility.

PSG gets Results:  At Phoenix we have a methodical approach to identify the best talent available, and to close that candidate and make them a part of your team.   

Flexibility: In this day and age you want a partner who can deliver results but is also adaptable to your changing needs. Resume Triage, Consulting, Contingency and Executive search are great examples of how we can tailor our service to meet your specific needs.



The people you choose to lead your growth and get you to the next level are never easy to find.  Industry superstars are elusive and even more evasive to change. It requires commitment and skill combined with a huge time commitment to connect with these unicorns.

We are experts at identifying, approaching and securing top talent. We have successfully conducted numerous “C suite”, SVP and VP level searches.

We are old fashioned “headhunters” and along with our extensive in-house contacts and network can go to the market and not only identify, but deliver and secure these candidates for you.   

The other advantage of hiring the right leadership is the impact and influence these people have on acquiring other high performing candidates. The competition for top talent can be tough; having the edge on your leadership team can be the “make or break” decision for the next level of talent. The rising stars want to continue their learning and grow their skills; they are attracted to work at companies that can attract the best.

Executive Search

Contingency Search

Since 1990 we have been a leading contingency search group and to date have completed over 7,000 placements and counting. We have placed people in industries ranging from Engineering to Sales, Marketing, Financial Services and Manufacturing to name a few.

With these many years of experience we have the confidence and energy to identify, approach, screen, present and close the talent you want.

Not only do we utilize our personal relationships and extensive networks to locate talent, we are skilled headhunters, who can go into the market and find the talent you need.

The people on your team are your number one asset and the company you chose to represent you to find these people is more important than you think. Often, top talent is not looking to the market; they do not have profiles up on job boards and are not registered on recruitment sites. They are too busy making your competition successful. These prime candidates are approachable if you know how, and we know how, we’ve been doing it for over 30 years.  

Resume Triage

This ground breaking; one of a kind service may be our most unique offering.

To our knowledge we are the only search firm offering this service.

We are proud to offer this very unique service. At a considerably lower cost than a full contingency search fee. In brief, you place the advertisement; we do the heavy lifting and condense your stacks of resumes into a manageable one. We take it one step further by making sure that all candidates that respond to your advertisement receive a call and more importantly that you are made aware of the top candidates quickly so you can respond in kind.    

As a large company you may have numerous advertisements running but only have a limited number of recruiters to respond. There is no need to overwhelm and stress out your recruiters.

If you are a smaller company that has single person HR department or no department at all, resume processing can be extremely time consuming.


Please click here to view a detailed description of this program.

Consulting Services

You can hire PSG on an hourly consulting basis to do a salary survey, to reach out confidentially to one specific candidate or for a variety of other reasons.

We have always been recognized for our “out of the box mind set” and “innovative nature”. This is why clients often turn to us when they have an ad hoc project, and we have completed hundreds over the years.

Hourly rates depend on your request. We take the time to understand your needs, and are flexible, and willing to work with you to find a cost effective solution.  

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