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Toronto based r
ecruiter specializing in sales, accounting,  engineering, human resource and technical recruiting. 

Our purpose is to assist business executives in the uncomfortable task of releasing an employee in a professional manner.

Our purpose is also to assist the employee in finding a rewarding career expeditiously.

Our philosophy is to enshrine personalized service of the highest quality and integrity into our entire program.

Service Trademark

The program is based on a highly successful track record that has assisted thousands of individuals in finding rewarding careers. This success is accentuated in an outplacement program which embraces new concepts in market research, networking and hands-on counselling.

Benefits To Your Employees

  • We offer encouragement to the employee, and help them manage their emotional despondency.

  • The employee never feels “left out in the cold”, with no one to turn to for help.

  • We believe in a team oriented approach when working with the employees.

  •  We increase the employee’s chances to find gainful employment by providing professional expertise.

  • We assist the employee in evaluating any career options that they are exploring.

Description of Services

Our aim is to provide the professional support necessary to help your organization develop a successful relocation program. We also realize that selecting a suitable outplacement program has to be balanced and cost effective.

Selection of Services

Your Account Manager will assist you with the selection of services reflecting your requirements. We urge you to make this selection as soon as possible. Please fill out the form at the end of this publication.

Exit Interview

We respect the fact that every organization has their own policies on how the employee is to be advised of their termination. According to the circumstances, your Account Manager may be present immediately after any announcement, to “absorb” the employee into the new task at hand.

First Interview

Once the employee has been informed, we arrange to meet them as soon as possible. There is a distinct psychological advantage to quickly relieve any emotional duress and involve the employee in the program.

Career Questionnaire

The questionnaire serves as a mechanism by which the employee evaluates their previous positions, accomplishments, goals and career. The resulting data will provide the necessary information to compose a resume and develop a customized search strategy.

Second Interview 

After the questionnaire is completed, a local interview will be scheduled to review the information. At this stage we will explain in full the process and service to be provided.

We will then assist the employee in developing a marketing strategy. We will discuss the merits of resume structures, telemarketing, proper interview styles, executive search consultants and networking.

Resume Draft

A resume draft will be expedited for final approval to the employee. We appreciate that each individual must be comfortable with their important marketing tool. A team approach at this phase is very important.


The Program will then move to the Gold Plan or the Platinum Plan Phase.

For more information on this plan contact Bruce Sturley at 416-221-5077





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